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Our Third Party Service Will Change Your Perspective


Have you ordered a phone? Are you waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep and you can finally get your hands on it? When the final moment has arrived you open the box and to your dismay and utter horror there is a huge crack on the screen. Or the body is scratched all over. The defeat one feels on their heart is incomparable and after paying good money for this phone you have no idea how to fix it. Do you return the good? That just means spend more money and some webstores do not have a return policy. You have no idea who to blame or how to undo this enormous mistake. Are you going to get your money back? That is impossible with most stores. Multiple times such disasters have taken place and poor customers have nothing to do but move on and accept this loss.

We want to make a change. At we will change for you all experiences with online stores and your insight on third party services. We have a policy of handling delicate and complex items like smartphones, ornaments and kitchen plates.

The Cautious Shipping and Handling Process

We have a specific way and style of wrapping up our goods so as frequent bumps that occur on the way of the product being shipped to the receiver. You could say we re-wrap our wrapped parcels. So as to ensure safety we double wrap your package. We especially take care of gifts for the appearance of a present is very important. There is a certain touch of passion and fondness to a neatly wrapped gift and leaves a soft imprint on the heart of the receiver.

We have the proper equipment like string tapes, strong paper boxes and soft weight fillers to avoid recurring hits and banging of the delicate object inside the box. Above all that we also mark fragile objects with a specific sign so as they can be placed above all the other heavy boxes. So you see we are very focused on keeping your purchases in the best shape.

After the shipment has been put in action now comes the stage where the packages are sent to the designated doorsteps of every individual. We do not lag or waste time, the moment the parcel reaches your town or city, in a matter of a few hours or less than a day you will hear some knocks on your door and some good news in the shape of a box. The transport service we use is by van where we stack up the boxes in the same way mentioned before. We also add weight fillers to the sides of the van so as when sharp turns are made the boxes to not hit by the van’s walls and fracture the delicate items inside. Our version of third party services is pretty awesome.

Small Businesses

Are you starting a small business where you ship objects to other individuals who possibly do not live in your country, go for Ebertiz’s services. We do not charge you extra money or put sky high prices. You can ship your items in bulk. Try out our reasonable and dependable services for all those small business owners. You can expect your business to flourish and still make a good sized amount of profit.

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